Schools and Education

Schools and Education in Playa Guiones, Costa Rica.

The private international schools in Playa Guiones are some of the best in the country, catering to the large expat population.

Del Mar Academy, surrounded by jungle and wildlife, caters to children from toddler age to seventh grade. Using the Montessori teaching approach, they encourage hands on learning with activities that develop all five senses.  Classes are taught in both English and Spanish to help children become bilingual, and all highlight the importance of community involvement, preserving the environment, and social awareness. Kids stay active on field trips throughout the year, including visits to farms, museums, eco preserves, and nature hikes.

HSBA Academy has classes for kids from kindergarten all the way up until twelfth grade. Classes here are also taught bilingually and a strong focus is placed on experiential learning. They offer field trips frequently and offer many extracurricular activities including yoga, art, music, surfing, and cooking.  On Friday afternoons their surf club gives free surf lessons from the Costa Rican surf team.

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