Community and Lifestyle

Community and Lifestyle in Playa Langosta, Costa Rica.

Langosta Beachfront Real Estate.  KRAIN has an office located in the close by town of Playa Flamingo.  Playa Langosta offers Ocean view and walk to beach homes and condos. KRAIN specializes in Playa Langosta.  Real estate for sale in Langosta, Langosta condo for sale, Walk to beach homes in Playa Langosta , Guanacaste Real Estate. Luxury Homes in Langosta, langostao Luxury Homes, Costa Rica Real Estate.  Luxury Homes in Costa Rica, and Ocean View Homes in Playa Langosta.  Click Here to View all properties in Playa Langosta, Guanacaste Costa Rica.Playa Langosta is a popular all-inclusive travel destination thanks to, among others, the popular Barcelo Langosta Beach Resort. This all-in-one property has everything from nightly performances, to a disco, to beautifully manicured grounds with howler monkeys and other tropical residents. Guests visit from all over the world, taking in the beauty of the white sand beaches and plenty of water-focused activities. Residents and visitors can both take advantage of the resort's on-site spa, which features exfoliations, body wraps, massages, and more. The casino is another big draw in the area and is home to card tables, American roulette, and slot machines.

The Playa Langosta community consists of many seasonal residents, expatriates enjoying retirement in Costa Rica, and travelers looking for a tropical getaway. Properties are situated off one master cul-de-sac, and there is just one road that leads to this area, giving it a somewhat private feeling. For a busier scene, simply hop in your car or take the 20-minute walk to nearby Tamarindo, an always-energetic beach town known for its active night life and extraordinary cuisine.

There's no doubt about it—Playa Langosta is a beach community.  Those who live here pursue hobbies such as sea kayaking, scuba diving, and, of course, surfing. The waves in Playa Langosta are calmer than other nearby spots, making it an ideal area for swimming. The white sand beach is always inviting, and beachfront residents find that it's incredibly easy to spend countless days relaxing under a beach umbrella at the water's edge. Thanks to the growing number of foreign investors who are calling Playa Langosta home, the area has sizable sailboat and sportfishing communities. Tennis enthusiasts will be happy to discover well-kept courts at the Tamarindo Tennis Club.

Comforts of Home

One of the perks of being so close to the busy town of Tamarindo is having access to all the amenities this large community offers.  The American-style grocery store AutoMercado has imported products that simply cannot be found elsewhere in the country.  International banks also have local branches in Tamarindo. Some of Costa Rica's best cuisine can be found in Tamarind with upscale restaurants offering four-course and five-course tasting menus—a treat that is rare to find outside of San Jose.  Fusion restaurants draw on Mediterranean, Italian, and other international influences, and many place an emphasis on the region's fresh seafood. Foodies will be delighted at the impressive variety available in Tamarindo.

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