Community and Lifestyle

Life in Playa Panama, Costa Rica.

Playa Panama is one of the most purely Tico style beaches in the area. While expansion for multiple resorts and golf courses was requested by the Papagayo Project, the government has mandated that around seventy percent remain untouched. This mandate allows the area to retain its authentic Costa Rican culture and protect the habitat of hundreds of species.

Like most small beach towns in Guanacaste, Playa Panama runs on a slower rhythm with people often stopping work mid day for a coconut water break or to simply chat. A happy mix of tourists, expats, and locals make up the crowd often found sunning themselves on the beach or relaxing in the shade.

Attractions and Services

Despite Playa Panama’s small size, you won’t be at a loss for things to do. Observing the hundreds of species of wildlife as well as the tropical flora and fauna is must on any traveler’s to do list. Resorts, including the nearby Four Seasons of the Papagayo Peninsula, often offer inclusive tour packages. You’ll also find plenty of horseback rides, surfing lessons, canopy tours and more provided by locals.  

Palo Verde National Park

Located in part of Tempisque river’s valley, the Palo Verde National Park contains 15 topographical zones including marshes and mangroves. An ever favorite of bird watches, the park receives visitors year round.

Rincón de la Vieja National Park

This national park is ideal for true adventurers. Home to an active volcano, legend has it that a young girl lost her star-crossed lover after her father threw him into one of the volcano’s craters. She remained on the mountain to mourn the loss of her love and heal visitors. Thus, the park became named, “The Corner of the Old Lady.” Here, you’ll encounter more than local legends. Hot springs, hiking and bird watching are all popular activities.


As for hospitals, services in this area can be remote, but nearby Liberia offers three high quality private hospitals including the prestigious San Rafael de Arcangel, Hosptial CIMA, and Clinica Biblica Hospital.

Hospital San Rafael de Arcangel once began as a doctor’s office and has now expanded to a full private hospital to serve the residents of Guanacaste.

Hospital CIMA opened a new branch in Liberia in 2012. CIMA is a private hospital that offers first-class medical care and the latest in medical technology.

Clinica Biblica Hospital offers a mini-private hospital with bilingual doctors, over 30 specialties, a laboratory and pharmacy in their Liberia location.

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