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Animal Rescue and Krain in Costa Rica
Moving to Costa Rica is a daunting adventure but once you are here you can become part of the community and help build strong relationships. One fantastic way I am building relationships and a strong community is by delving into the Animal Rescues and giving a helping hand.
Driving in Costa Rica - an amusing approach to driving reality
Thinking about arriving at the airport and simply renting a car? Read on.
"You are living THE Life"
I am often told: “You are living THE life”; referring to our move to Costa Rica. Or maybe as a reaction to the joyful expression on my face. I find a similar happiness in the visitors I meet on the streets of Tamarindo.
Effective September 1st, 2014, KRAIN Costa Rica will be utilizing the Chicago MLS (MREDLLC) to market all of their exclusive Costa Rica listings
Mr. Breitlander reports, "This is yet another great marketing tool that we can offer to our home sellers in Costa Rica.” He further adds, "Krain Costa Rica offers to its clients the most expansive online marketing in Costa Rica.
How do I love thee, Costa Rica? Let me count the ways.
There are so many things I love about Costa Rica that it can be quite a challenge to list them all. But the one thing at the top of my list often catches others off guard. My number one? As a 37-year-old woman living in Costa Rica? Costa Rica’s affordable healthcare.