Potrero Grande, Costa Rica

Potrero Grande: The Perfect Place for Spotting Rainbows

Real Estate in Potrero Grande

Potrero Grande is a sunny place that is blessed with quick showers that often bring rainbows.  Residents look forward to the passing rains for the beauty that follows.  The town is a bit spread out, with each person having his own space to enjoy.  It is in the southern part of Puntarenas, a region which was traditionally farm land but has shifted its focus to eco-tourism and Earth friendly living.  The primary focus in Potrero Grande is peace, happiness, and oneness with nature

The area is highly sought after by tourists, so the typical vacation rental is pricey, it costs $80-$200 per night. Tourists of all ages- some with families, some backpacking, and some retired- flock to Potrero Grande.  It will soon be as well known as Arenal and Tamarindo.

This emerging market provides a great chance to invest in a property or home for personal use or for a high rental yield and return on investment.  There are apartments, homes, and villas for sale.  Two floor homes are becoming increasingly popular in the area, as are those with lofts, lookout rooms, and interestingly shaped pools.  Some of the more upscale homes have glass walls or wrap-around, moat like pools.  Some say they look like castles for royalty.

Home prices in Potrero Grande start at about $90,000.  For a lot only, you might pay $25,000. There are private homes surrounded by trees and accessed by a personal dirt road and others on the main streets, still separated from one another by fancy fences.  Investment properties, including land, restaurants, and hotels, up to about the $2 million price point are available, especially in the highly prestigious Paso Real section of Potrero Grande.

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