Schools and Education

Schools and Education in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.

There are four private schools in the area surrounding Puerto Viejo. The Sea Hart School/Waldorf kindergarten is located in Playa Negra, a mere 5-minute walk from Puerto Viejo. This school offers a 3-day and 5-day per week program for daycare and kindergarten. The classes are taught in Spanish and English. BriBri speaking children also attend this school. 

Mi Jardin is the another kindergarten in the area. Mi Jardin takes a self-directed learning approach that focuses on stories, art, and innovative thinking. Mi Jardin seeks to enhance children’s imaginations and vocabularies. 

Centro Educativo Playa Chiquita is located in Playa Chiquita, about 2 miles away from Puerto Viejo. Centro Educativo Playa Chiquita is considered the best primary school for students who do not yet speak Spanish. Their intensive plan targets those in need of tutoring, and students are usually conversational after just three months. The school focuses on harmony, tranquility, and spirituality, and uses both technology and nature in the learning process.

Lastly, the Colegio & Escuela Complementaria Cahuita accepts students “from diapers to university.”  The Colegio & Escuela Complementaria Cahuita strives to teach students how to adapt to any situation, and newcomers are welcomed into a close-knit group of students. Classes are small. Spanish, English, and French are taught. The curriculum is internationally based so that students can easily transition into colleges around the world.

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