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Things to do in Quesada, Costa Rica.

People from the surrounding towns come to Quesada to enjoy movie theaters (which play both Spanish and English language movies), seek medical care at the prestigious Hospital de San Carlos, attend to business matters, and take advantage of the shopping centers.  Public transportation is dependable and frequent, and bus connections can be made to just about anywhere.

There are also plenty of internet cafes, grocery stores, and shops all around the area of the central park.  There’s also a specialty smoothie store called Cosechas. Another specialty offered in the area are the “talabaterias,” or saddle shops. A high quality saddle can be had for just $1,000.

In addition, the residents love to soak their tired muscles in the hot water springs as they watch for wildlife in the surrounding area. The hot springs in the city are locally referred as “El Tucanito.” If luxury hot springs and spas are more your style, Termales Del Bosque has professionally maintained hot springs and an onsite restaurant. Also in the vicinity of “El Tucanito” is the fabulous Spa Termales, which provides massages, facials, and reflexology to the residents and guests of Quesada.

Shopping is a favorite pastime in Quesada, especially at Plaza San Carlos and the Rasta Shop. The lifestyle is upper-middle class, as most people in Quesada have more resources than those in the surrounding farm towns. The city has a private bank, Scotiabank, that specializes in loans and accounts for foreigners.

Life in Quesada can be described as easy and fun. It has one of the nicest soccer fields in the country, as well as one of the best restaurants, Coca Loca Steak House. Residents usually either watch a game and grab a grilled steak afterwards or head to the Juan Castro Blanco National Park on weekends.

Quesada has its fair share of tourists, as they use Quesada as a starting point for excursions into Juan Castro Blanco National Park. Juan Castro Blanco National Park is made up of primary forest and rainforest. Rugged volcanoes surround the park, creating a stunning skyline from the thermal hot springs encountered therein.  There are some steep slopes in the park that adventure hikers love to tackle. Nature lovers often spot turkeys, peacocks, quetzals, coyotes, goats, felines, and lizards. There are beautiful ancient oak, cypress, and cedar trees, too. Juan Castro Blanco National Park is a true blessing for Quesada’s residents, and they love and respect their location to the sacred park. 



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