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One of the loveliest areas within Heredia's mountains is the pristine town of San Isidro. Its landmark—a gleaming white, multi-spiral Gothic church—can be seen from a distance as one drives up the well maintained road from Heredia. At an elevation of approximately 4,500 feet, San Isidro’s air quality is clear and fresh.

San Isidro Heredia Real Estate

Although small properties are available for sale, the majority of San Isidro real estate currently on the market consist of larger homes (2,500 sq ft. +) built on lots of a half-acre or more. Depending on size of lots for sale, the cost per square meter averages from $79 to $200.  Homes for sale in San Isidro average $400,000, although less expensive real estate can be found.  Expansive view properties with larger homes run even higher in price; million and multi-million dollar properties abound in this area.

Several gated and secure communities have been established in close proximity to town. Higher-end, quality single family homes with expansive yards/gardens seems to be the norm. Newer developments have broken ground within the last year and lots are quickly snatched up for either investment or building. San Isidro, Heredia real estate is in high demand.

Acquiring a rental property requires a bit of foot work. Many of the larger properties have guest houses or casitas available for rent. Smaller, tico-style housing gets snatched up quickly. Several home owners don't advertise via media channels but via word of mouth. These owners will often accommodate renters looking for shorter stays of 2-6 months.

San Isidro is home to an eclectic mix of international residents (who are either retired or business owners) and Costa Rican professionals. Because of its location, traveling to San Jose or Heredia takes less than an hour at peak traffic times. In fact, a large number of Costa Rica University teachers/professors/staff own real estate and live in San Isidro for this very reason.

Talk with anyone who has bought or built a home here and they will tell you how lucky they are to be living in San Isidro.  Fresh cool air, natural beauty, rolling green hills, and friendly neighbors are but a few of their favorite things.

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Development Parcel — Land Listing

San Francisco de San Isidro de Heredia, San Francisco, San Isidro, Heredia, Costa Rica

Perfect land for a bank, fast foods, restaurants, etc. It is located in San Francisco, Heredia, with excellent exposure, right in front of the main street Heredia / Alajuela. Demolish the current building and build what you need.

  • Total Lot Size : 1,316.00 m² (14,165.25 sq ft)
  • $1,184,000

San Isidro de Heredia: Mountain House For Sale in Santa Elena de San Isidro

House — Residential Sale

Santa Elena de San Isidro, San Isidro, Heredia, Costa Rica

This house with 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms is located in Santa Elena de San Isidro, Heredia Costa Rica, in the county of San Isidro. This mountain property with garden, greenbelt, mountain and pond views is situated in the cloud forest of...

  • 4
  • 5
  • Total Lot Size : 3,400.00 m² (36,597.15 sq ft)
  • $600,000

Altamira: Countryside and Mountain House For Sale in San Francisco de San Isidro de Heredia

House — Residential Sale

San Francisco de San Isidro de Heredia, San Francisco, San Isidro, Heredia, Costa Rica

This house is a jewel for you who are looking for a house that has absolutely everything. This beautiful house is located in Altamira residential complex in San Isidro de Heredia, a fully closed residential, condominium style. It is very...

  • 4
  • 3
  • Total Lot Size : 675.00 m² (7,265.61 sq ft)
  • $400,000