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For those considering Costa Rica real estate with a cooler climate, San Rafael will suit perfectly. Approximately 25 miles north east of Heredia central, one encounters the sprawling town, larger than many, with its steepled church, expansive park, and local school as the center of activity.  Several blocks of businesses in all directions offer nearly everything, including franchise furniture stores, appliance stores, salons, spas, fruit and vegetable markets, veterinarians, pet stores, and several local restaurants.

San Rafael Heredia Costa Rica Real Estate: Prestige Properties  

In addition to San Rafael's serene rural setting and centralized location, another prime reason people are drawn to this mountain local is due to its prestigious Costa Rica real estate.  A large contingency of international foreigners and upper class Costa Ricans have purchased land and built high quality homes in this area.  Profuse with luxury homes built on expansive lots, either fenced or behind perimeter walls, many properties are currently on the market, with real estate prices ranging from $500k to double-digit millions.  This buyer’s market can serve beneficial for the well heeled.

Equestrian farms, private golf courses, luxury properties, mansions, and residential homes within gated communities make up the majority of real estates for sale in San Rafael. That being said, one can find moderate homes priced between $350k and $450k on smaller lots. Rentals, too, are available averaging $1500 - $2500 a month, depending of course on the size of the home.

Regardless of the size of Costa Rica real estate you might be considering, San Rafael, Heredia is a gem and should not be missed. Those looking for a special piece of paradise to either retire or invest in Costa Rica will find this corner of Central America a multi-faceted, sparkling jewel.

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Finca Heredia: From your own dream home.

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San Rafael, Heredia, Costa Rica

Imagine waking up every morning to the breathtaking view of the picturesque mountains of Heredia from your own dream home. With a vast plot of land covering 2,581 square meters, you have ample space to design a bespoke residence tailored...

  • Total Lot Size : 984.00 m² (10,591.65 sq ft)
  • $240,000