Tibás, Costa Rica

Tibás San Jose, Costa Rica

The thirteenth canton in the San Jose Province is Tibás, which derives its name from a native word meaning beautiful river. Tibás is on the northern side of San José city and borders with Goicoechea, Moravia, and Santo Domingo. 

Tibás is the most densely populated canton of the country with more than 75,000 people living within its borders. Tibás, along with San José, are the only cantons in the country that are considered to be exclusively urban. 

Tibás was founded on July 27th of 1914, and in 2014 the city celebrated its centennial. 

Real Estate in Tibas

There are plenty of desirable neighborhoods in Tibás where both luxurious and affordable housing can be found. Llorente is a nice district where fashionable properties are located and private condos have flourished in the last decade. Residencial el Rosal is another very well known and peaceful place that residents desire.  Finally, Colima de Tibás features many high-end private condos and houses.

Tibás is perfect for those wanting to live in a smaller city but who still want all major services at their convenience. Those hating San Jose’s rush hour traffic also appreciate that Tibás’ central location allows its resident to easily drive to and from San Jose through different neighborhoods to avoid traffic jams.  If a beach getaway is desirable, Tibás residents simply hop on the highway and can be in Limón and the Caribbean coast in a snap. 

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