Climate and Location

Climate and Location in Turrubares, Costa Rica.

Turrubares is a warmer town.  As a matter of fact, San Antonio de  Tulín, which is small town or district of Turrubares, is considered one of the warmest places in the province.  The average temperature throughout the year is of 82.4 degrees Fahrenheit and the lowest temperature measured is of 73.4 degrees Fahrenheit.  Due to its warmer climate, Turrubares is choice for many people who suffer from bone related afflictions, asthma, or lung related diseases.

Proximity to Both Nature Parks and Urban Cities

One of the most delightful attributes of Turrubares is its proximity to the some of the most famous protected parks in the world.  Turrubares borders Zona de Proteccion de los Cerros de Turrubares, and is close to Cazira, Arbofilia, and Carara National Park.  Along with a large population of animals, abundant flora and fauna are found in these parks, and it is not uncommon for Turrubares residents to see large populations of Scarlet Macaws who call these national parks home.  Further, Carara National Park is home to the Tarcoles River and to several species of animals such as parrots, humming birds, jacamar birds, the American crocodile, and several snakes and lizard species. Carara Park  is known worldwide as a top natural refuge for flora, fauna, animals, and ecosystems that live nowhere else but here.

Turrubares is also advantages in terms of its location to nearby coveted towns and major cities.  Atenas and Grecia are nearby, and getting to San Jose takes no longer than 50 minutes.  In addition, the country’s main highways are easily accessible from Turrubares, making it easy for its residents to visit major attractions, beaches, and parks throughout the country. With good traffic conditions, one can drive from Turrubares to the Juan Santamaria International Airport within 70-90 minutes.

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