Community and Lifestyle

Lifestyle and Things to do in Turrubares, Costa Rica.

Turrubares is a small, quaint town.  In terms of growth and development, it is one of the most conservative towns in Costa Rica.  In fact, with a total population of 5,175 persons, it holds the title as being the least populated canton within the San Jose province. 
The main commercial activities of Turrubares include agriculture, livestock, and (most recently) tourism.  Turrubares grows a variety of produce commercially, including corn, beans, oranges, mandarins, and lemons, to name a few.  Due to Turrubares’ status as an agricultural hub, there is no shortage of fresh produce in the area.
Even though Turrubares is small, the citizens of Turrubares are among the friendliest in Costa Rica, and the towns’ community parades are well known throughout the region. Turrubares’ town square offers a post office, grocery store, drug store, and a few restaurants offering local meals. Clinica de San Pablo de Turrubares offers all basic medical services, and inhabitants seeking more specialized attention visit the nearby Clinica Integral de Puriscal.


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