Barva Real Estate

Barva Costa Rica Real Estate: Condos, Stately Homes, Farms

Those looking for real estate investments in Costa Rica will find Barva and surrounding areas have much to offer. One can locate some very good deals within a short distance to Barva's town center. Small gated communities (often referred to here in Costa Rica as condominios) offer individual homes, averaging $250k USD in price. A mix of local professionals and foreigner residents make up these higher-end neighborhoods.

For those who prefer to mix with local neighbors in non-enclosed developments, well-built, comfortable homes are available for both sale and for rent. Often the homes in such barrios are a mix of nicer homes along side less affluent Costa Rican homes. Many gringos have built their (quality) homes sometime ago and for various reasons have decided to sell, often at very affordable prices.

Barva has a relatively warm, dry climate.  At higher elevations beyond Barva there exists the neighboring towns of San Jose De Montana, Birri, and El Roble.  Due to the elevations of these towns, the air temperature is cooler, and frequent rains maintain a year round green landscape compared to that of Barva.

For those unfamiliar with Costa Rica’s central valley mountains, San Jose de Montana, just a few kilometers north east of Barva, is akin to a densely wooded Swiss forest with massive trees and prolific wildlife. Historically, the town was considered a resort town based on its fresh, clean air and its breathtaking views of the valley below. Typically, homes are available for sale on larger parcels in this area. The small town of San Jose de Montana is tranquil and the area is renown for its natural beauty, offering a variety of villas, resorts, and activities.

In Birri, north west of Barva, Costa Rica real estate from farm land to more modest homes can be found within the surrounding hillside communities. Further up the road is El Roble, home to a beautiful private compound, completely walled with several stately homes currently for sale from $650K and up to multi-million dollars. Large parcels of undeveloped land are also for sale near this community. New construction is underway for several new gated communities in this naturally forested and popular area.