Climate and Location

Location and Climate in Cahuita, Costa Rica.

Located on Costa Rica’s South Caribbean, Cahuita is just 27 miles south of the port city of Limon and 10 miles north of the popular surf town Puerto Viejo, connected by a paved road. This small Caribbean town borders the Cahuita National Park, which covers 6.5 square miles of jungle and 86 miles of seafront. The town sits west of the park with a long stretch of black sand beach.

The capitol city of San Jose is a three hour drive away, and provides international flights. Domestic flights from San Jose to nearby neighboring towns are available also. Those heading further south to Panama can reach the border in about an hour. 

Weather patterns on the Caribbean Coast differ somewhat from the rest of the country. Unlike the Pacific Coast beaches, Cahuita may experience rain in the dry season as well as the rainy season. This keeps the jungle green and the rivers flowing and usually only occurs late afternoon or evening. The driest months are often the rainiest months on the Pacific, from August until October. January through March typically has many sunny days as well. During the rainy season downpours may occur often. Temperatures tend to stay in the mid eighties all year, however the ocean breeze makes it seem cooler than the thermometer suggests.