Schools and Education

Schools and Education in Cahuita, Costa Rica.

In the town of Cahuita is one school, the Colegio and Escuela Complementaria Cahuita. Classes are small, 12 per class, to provide greater individual attention. Curriculum places great emphasis on language skills teaching English beginning in pre-K and French from grades 1 through 9. Generally, classes are taught in Spanish. However, many students begin without speaking Spanish previously and within a few months completely adapt and become fluent. The education here is international and accepted by universities worldwide.

Nearby in Playa Negra just north of Puerto Viejo is the Waldorf Sea Heart school for young children, which teaches classes bilingually and promotes holistic learning. A bit further South is the Centro Educativo in Playa Chiquita, which adapts the Costa Rican education system to each child’s individual creative needs. Mi Jardin, also in Playa Chiquita, places a strong emphasis on connecting with nature and are short walk from the beach. All cater to children ages two to six.