Rentals and Real Estate

Cariari Living: Rental and Real Estate Opportunities

Cariari is a popular place for those who prefer to be centrally located within a safe, urban setting.  Due to the aforementioned businesses and investments in the area, rentals are at a premium, especially condos and single family homes. But rentals can be found. Often, due to health or family issues, ex-pat residents will place their home on the market, leave the property vacant and in the hands of a local realtor or trusted friend. Such properties can often be negotiated for a long term lease, approximately 6-12 months. Expect monthly rental rates in Cariari to average between $900 and $4500, depending on size, condition and neighborhood.  In Costa Rica, real estate prices can vary wildly and Cariari is no exception.  Still, generally, a 2-bedroom, 2-bath condo can range between $160,000 and $250,000. A single-family home can be purchased from $240,000 to $400,000.  The more grand estates start around $550k and can top out at well over one million dollars.

Prudence and due diligence pays: be certain to get a professional real estate agent and have home inspection by a reputable professional when considering real estate in Costa Rica, including Cariari. While Cariari is a higher-end development, some of the earlier constructed residences may have cut corners in building materials or construction application. With professionals by your side, you will have a better negotiating position.

Cariari real estate, either as an investment or for retirement or vacation use, is an excellent choice. Property values have remained steady and strong over the years. And with a community of local and international residents living in Cariari, an interesting and exciting life awaits you in Costa Rica.