Living in Grecia

Things to do in Grecia, Costa Rica


Many people who visit Grecia find it the perfect place to live.  The year round, spring-like weather is one of the reasons that people fall in love with Grecia after just a few minutes in the area.  It is a small town, with great weather, offering all major services, and known to be as safe and secure as it gets.  Plus, the people who live here are completely surrounded by spectacular views and 360-degree panoramas of the lush fields and valleys. 

Grecia is also located nearby the artisan town of Sarchi, which offers a great variety of restaurants and souvenir shops, in addition to exciting activities like bungee jumping.

The stress-free way of life Grecia citizens enjoy is of world wide envy, and every day more people are looking to move to this type of city. 

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