Schools and Education

Schools and Education in Los Chiles, Costa Rica.

Los Chiles is a remote location with no private schools in the area. The only elementary school in Los Chiles is La Primera Escuela, a public school founded in 1926 which accepts students from 6 to 12 years old.  Los Chiles children ages 12 to 18 attend the high school, El Colegio Tecnico Profesional Agropecuario Los Chiles, which was started in 1972. Costa Rica’s public school system is a source of pride, as the country boasts the highest literacy rate in all of Central America and one compatible (and often better)  that the literacy rates in most U.S. cities.  Los Chiles public school is no different, with its schools following the standardized curriculum put forth by the Ministry of Education for all public schools.



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