Malpais, Costa Rica

Malpais: An Art and Nature Lover’s Paradise

Malpais’s remote location as one of the Nicoya Peninsula’s most southern towns makes it a hidden gem. But its remoteness does not mean it is lacking resources it’s a small town with big amenities. Malpais is marked by eco-friendly values and family style residences. The culture is artistic and eccentric since people have come from all around the world to make Malpais their home in paradise.

Real Estate in Malpais


One of the best features of the type of real estate that can be found in Malpais is in the lush and mature vegetation that exist within the properties.Whether one buys a large or small house, it will likely be surrounded with beautiful palm trees and bright green flora. The property might be found along the main paved roads or along a private dirt path, and it will almost definitely have a secluded ocean or mountain top view. The price of an average home on any given lot varies according to size and location, but generally speaking is between $100,000 and $300,000.

A typical expat home in Malpais has enough bedrooms to accommodate a family and visitors.  It also will likely feature a pool, various open-air entertaining spaces with great views, and eco-friendly features like solar power.   

Vacation rentals are quite popular and include lofts, apartments, and private beachfront villas. For those looking to buy, lots and homes are available, as well as less conventional options like hotels and even over-the-top tree houses to impress friends!

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