Schools and Education

Schools and Education in Malpais, Costa Rica.

The Escuela Futuro Verde is the new school featuring a pre-K, elementary, and secondary school. The Escuela Futuro Verde is the only school in the southern Nicoya region that is progressive, bilingual, and environmentally focused. They embrace cultural diversity and have students from 18 countries.

As the Escuela Futuro Verde  grows, so likely will the real estate prices in Malpais and surrounding areas (Montezuma, Tambor, and Cobano are also serviced by the Escuela Futuro Verde). The school is a nonprofit organization that is managed by the parents to help the community. The school boasts small class sizes, a holistic learning environment, and attention that will challenge and support each student’s educational, physical, emotional, social, and artistic development in a creative way. They are one of the first schools in the country to offer “Constructive Learning,” a private school method of progressive learning built on natural skills.


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