Community and Lifestyle

Things to do in Matina, Costa Rica.

Life in Matina consists of enjoying the simple things: a barbeque with friends, relaxing on the beach, or stopping to chat with the neighbors while food shopping. There’s a communal salon for town meetings and activities.  Those who live in Matina often feel well connected to the community.  Many agree that Matina is a great place to raise a family.

Retirees appreciate the climate; it’s nice to have a beach that comes with a moderate temperature.  The adventurous have the Pacuare Matina Forest Reserve to explore.  This reserve protects lowland forests and the Madre de Dios Estuary.  Unique animals can be spotted here, including the Bransford Litter Frog and the two-toed sloth.  There are class 3 and class 4 white water rafting trips through the Pacuare river.

All of the nearby beaches have unique animals and marine life to see, and snorkeling is a popular hobby in Matina. Going out by boat often awards one with the opportunity to see whales or dolphins.  Another wildlife attraction nearby is Tortuguero, which is a quick drive and boat ride away.  In Tortuguero, mother turtles come to nest and continue their way of life, while their newly-hatched babies begin their journey by running toward the sea.  Guides are available to explain the process and to help visitors find baby turtles as they scatter to the sea for the very first time.

Residents enjoy sitting on fallen trees at the beach and having a picnic, and it’s not uncommon that a group of four will quickly evolve into a group of over 20.  A nice place to eat is at Soda El Dique Matina, which serves the largest plates one can imagine, full of bright colors and savory flavors.  Locals like to hang out with a few Imperial beers at a bar called “El Comején.”

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