Climate and Location

Location and Climate in Pital, Costa Rica.

Pital is located in the rich soils situated between three volcanoes: Arenal, Poas, and Barva. It is said that the secret to Pital’s farming success is in the mineral rich volcanic soilthis soil makes the locally grown fruit sweeter and more delicious.

While life in Pital may seem a world away from it all, Pital’s location suggest otherwise.  It is conveniently located a mere 46 miles to the capital of San Jose (and the international airport). It’s also only one hour away from the domestic airport in Arenal, making both international and domestic travel a breeze.

The climate is enjoyable throughout the year, with temperatures ranging in the 60’s-80’s degrees Fahrenheit year round.  It’s never considered “hot,” in Pital, and the area is generally described as breezy. From January to March there is little to no rain, and in April the spring showers come, quenching the crops.



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