Climate and Location

The town of Punta Uva is on Costa Rica’s South Caribbean coast in the Limon Province. It is just five miles from the tourist hub of Puerto Viejo to the North and five miles from the Manzanillo Wilderness Refuge to the South, connected by a paved a road. The beach itself spans about two miles and is split in two by a rocky jungle headland that has a trail and stunning views. North of the cliff is the beach known simply as Punta Uva with a small beach break for surf beginners. South of cliff is Arrecife beach, a great snorkeling spot. Further south is a beach known as The Point, which eventually transitions into Manzanillo’s Playa Grande.

Punta Uva’s beaches are protected by a maritime law that restricts development on the beach, so all vacation rentals, hotels, and homes are either in the jungle behind the beach or opposite the main road.

Less than a thirty-minute drive from Punta Uva is the Panama border, making it a convenient location for visa runs. The South Caribbean’s largest city, Limon, is less than an hour drive away and has many shopping conveniences, while the capitol city of San Jose is a three-and-a-half-hour drive away.


Costa Rica’s Caribbean tends to be hot and humid year round with temperatures ranging from the mid to high eighties. The beaches typically have a breeze, but the dense jungle can make town very hot midday. Unlike the Pacific Coast, there is no clear rainy or dry season and it’s possible for rain year round; this weather pattern keeps the jungle lush and green while still offering sunny mornings and middays. The driest months tend to be August through October, with sunny days and calm seas, while January through March there are plenty of sunny days and big swells for surfers. November and June are often the rainiest months of the year where it can rain all day nearly every day.

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