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Samara, Costa Rica

Playa Samara Real Estate, Living and Lifestyle

Many who spend just a few days at Playa Samara in Costa Rica’s Northern Pacific soon begin fantasizing about moving there. The Pura Vida vibe, sandy coastline of pristine beaches, and active community are the stuff of expat dreams. Thanks to established real estate developments and a variety of available price points, making that dream a reality has never been easier.

When compared to other top beach towns in Costa Rica, Samara retains a more distinct and authentic Costa Rican culture. Natives of Samara often make their living through fishing and farming. Samara is a part of Guanacaste, one of seven provinces in the country. Guanacaste is most famous for their vaqueros or cowboys; it’s not uncommon to see large pastures of cattle, oxen and other livestock as you make your way into Guanacaste. While many locals still work as farmhands, tourism is another popular career choice for natives and expatriates alike. They work together to offer travel agencies, tours, restaurants and shopping in the area.  In fact, Samara boasts an active expat community, comprised of mostly North Americans and Europeans.  Around 1,500 people make up Samara and its outskirts year round.  The population of the town increases during the high tourist season, which runs from December to May.

Real Estate and Vacation Rental Offerings


Living in Samara makes investing in Costa Rica easy. Samara real estate features everything from private lots and luxury homes to vacation rentals. Despite Samara’s small size, there are a fair number of well-known real estate developments, including Montana Samara Estates.  The country’s place as the top Central American tourist destination and retirement location is only growing stronger. Samara offers a little slice to heaven for those craving real Costa Rican culture with North American amenities and comfort.


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