Community and Lifestyle

Community and Lifestyle in Samara, Costa Rica.

You don’t have to be fluent in Spanish to live happily in Costa Rica. However, most people feel more confident and better adjusted when they learn the local language. The Intercultural Samara Language School is one of the town’s biggest attractions. The school has classes for teenagers, retirees, families, and college students.

Hiking enthusiasts and nature lovers will delight in the Samara Trails. These hiking trails are located within the Werner Sauter Wildlife Refuge, a tropical forest that spans over 340 acres. Here you can see howler monkeys, capuchin monkeys, anteaters, and over 40 species of tropical birds. The reserve’s grand mango plantation and intricate ecosystems are other significant sites that draw a large number of visitors each year.

There are also a number of surfing schools in Samara. The waves are great for beginners because there exists a protective outer reef encompassing Samara beach. More experienced surfers can improve their technique with trained bilingual guides and test their skills at near by Ostinol beach, located just to the south of Nosara.

Thanks to native and expat community, finding unique and satisfying food in Samara is easy. Both the main road and side streets are filled with cuisine of nearly all types from French to vegan. Some of the most popular dining options include:

LuvBurger: This vegan/vegetarian fast food restaurant is one of the first of its kind in Costa Rica. Their famous veggie burgers and yucca fries are one of the most popular options. They also offer dairy-free pizzas, Kombucha, smoothies and more.

Ma Ma Gui: Located just off the main strip of Samara, Ma Ma Gui offers a mix of cuisine included French dishes and thin crust pizzas. The relaxed atmosphere make the restaurant a great option for a romantic evening at the beach.

Casa Esmeralda: Casa Esmeralda prepares both Costa Rican and Italian cuisine. Popular dishes include casados, seafood pasta and nutella crepes. This restaurant is a great choice for groups who just can’t decide what to eat. With some many delicious options, everyone is bound to find an appetizing dish.

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