Schools and Education

Schools and Education in San Joaquin de Flores, Costa Rica.

San Joaquin boasts a primary, or elementary, school and two public high schools, one of which is a technical school. Additionally there are two banks, a library (with antiquated papers relating to San Joaquin and Costa Rica history), a post office, and a small clinic. Plenty of retail and services line the main road, including veterinarians, pet supply stores, video and internet cafes, small sodas (local food cafes), auto-body shops, and a plethora of fruit and vegetable vendors.

There are several language schools in San Joaquin, many accredited from United States universities as well as private institutions.  For visitors, the majority provide home-stays with local families for the duration of a semester or term. Others  schools offer classes throughout the day and evening. Spanish immersion courses provide the best experience not only for learning the language, but also for appreciating Costa Rica's culture and family life.