Climate and Location

Climate and Location: Siquirres, Costa Rica.

Siquirres is a lowland region in the Caribbean. It’s near many rivers, including Rio Cuenca and Rio Locos. It’s only 71 miles from SJO International Airport, and only 20 minutes away from the Guapiles domestic airport, making national and international travel from Siquirres quite easy.

Part of Siquirres the part near the Siquirres River Basin is actually protected land. Another part of its land mass is protected because it’s the historical home of an indigenous group, the Cabecar Indians. The Cabecar Indians still live in the area and abide by their time-honored traditions. They live as they did hundreds of years ago, in small villages without running water or electricity. The Cabecar Indians have their own language, although some speak Spanish too.

There are a few national parks in the area, such as Barbilla National Park and La Amistad Biosphere Reserve. These protected lands feature unmatched views of the Caribbean slopes and the Talamanca Mountain Range.

Siquirres has a moderate climate, with temperatures ranging from 62-88 degrees. The driest months of the year are September and October. Luckily, there are no months with terrible rain, just frequent showers.

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