Community and Lifestyle

Life in Siquirres, Costa Rica.

Siquirres is a convenient place to live. There are two grocery store chains, MegaSuper and Pali. There’s also a fresh food market and rural shopping center called the Mercado Municipal Siquirres.

Daily life is relaxed and runs smoothly. Anything one needs, be it goods or services, can be found within the town. This means residents have extra time on their hands, since there’s no need to travel far away for anything. They often decide to use their time to volunteer, be it in the Cerro Dantas Wildlife Refuge or the community gardens. Residents also use their free time for cycling, hiking, canoeing, bird watching, yoga, and swimming. They also enjoy going out for a meal or a drink with newfound friends. Restaurante Hong Kong Siquirres is the most popular restaurant in the area, featuring fresh food and authentic flavors. Bar El Chavito is the place to go for specialty wines from Costa Rica and Spain.

Residents often get together to go on day trips to nearby areas like the Braulio Carrillo National Park, which is one of the most diverse parks in the country and just an hour’s drive away from Siquirres. Another tour in the area is that of the Dole Fruit Company’s Banana Farm. Visitors trek along trails, learning about the harvesting process. They also get to taste the freshly picked bananas.

Many residents of Siquirres own horses and take them out for day trips through cattle farms, pineapple plantations, and along rivers to waterfalls.

There’s also a rather unique resident of Siquirres, a crocodile named Poncho. He gives performances with his trainer for all the locals to enjoy.