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Tres Rios, Costa Rica

Real Estate in Tres Rios, Costa Rica: Living and Lifestyle

Tres Rios is a quaint mediummsized town between San Jose and Cartago. Here, you’ll find expansive views of rolling, green hills, and some of the best coffee in the world. Named for the intersection of the Tirbi, the Cross and Shorty rivers, Tres Rios is the epitome of the classic Costa Rican town.

Real Estate and Vacation Rental Offerings


Most of the houses found in Tres Rios are typical Tico style homes. They’re small to medium sized, comfortable, and often painted in bright colors with lush gardens. These houses are the most economical to rent and purchase. Still, you will find a growing number of gated communities and North American style homes. Many expats who chose to move or retire in Costa Rica like Tres Rios because of its small size, affordability, and number of bilingual private schools.  Thus, larger homes with more amenities are becoming more and more common in the area.

It’s easier to find houses for rent or bed and breakfasts in Tres Rios than actual vacation rentals. While Tres Rios is a popular vacation destination for coffee connoisseurs, it’s most often thought of as a place for investing or retiring in Costa Rica.


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