Climate and Location

Climate and Location: Tilaran and Tronadora, Costa Rica.

Tres Rios is located in the Central Valley, the heart of Costa Rica. Found in the Cartago province, the town is about eight miles east of San Jose and seven miles west of Cartago. The roads in Tres Rios are paved and easy to navigate. Public buses run frequently from Tres Rios to Cartago and San Jose.

You won’t find your ocean views and beachfront home in Tres Rios, but you’re merely a few hours away from some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Manuel Antonio is an easy drive of just over 80 miles from the capital. Here, you’ll find the country’s most famous national park, the active beach town of Quepos, and some of the most impressive wildlife in the country.

Like Cartago, Tres Rios is generally cool and windy during the green season (May to early November), and the temperature in the summer months generally hovers around the low to mid 80’s with clear skies. 


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